Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Search is on.

It's official, I'm going with Binx and his girlfriend on tuesday to look at apartments. I'm trying to process the thought of never living at home again. I've known this house my whole life, the thought of starting a new life seems so..... intimidating yet exciting. On one hand, I'll have the freedom to do whatever the hell I please. On the other hand, I have WAYYYY more responsibility. It's not that I dont think I'll be able to handle living without parents, it's just going to be a new way of living.
But before I think about that, there's the whole dilemma of actually FINDING a place to live. So far our top choice is an apartment on St. Claire ave. above a coffee shop. It's about a 20 min subway ride from downtown (sucks) but its the closest we've found. I know it'll be an exciting day when I move out, so why am I so damn hesitant about it?

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