Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Serenade Of Static

Awakened by a break in my serenade of static
'what was it that make you fall so far?'
These eyes stay strained on the view ahead.
An unchanging focal point to let my mind stray
the only way to rest without sleep is to;
let nothing else in
The walls absorb the sound.
The sun consumes the light.
This shell shields me from feeling.
Breaking out would be a step away from me
and staying inside of here is how i want things to be
The unanswered phones
Keep ringing off the hook
And the day they stop will be the day I'm free
From collections of paranoid parodies who hide in their masks,
running in circles,
stabbing each other's backs
They've gotten what they wanted for long enough.
All that they focus on is idealism
I've found a better way of looking at things;
I'll take a scratch to the next level and rip myself out of their grasps,
out of this twisted utopia
of cookie-cutter houses and patternless carpets.
I'm weak and alone.

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